MAX6 Antenna Analyzer
for HAMS and radioamateur
MAX6 Antenna Analyzer

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Scalar & Vector Network Analyser

Simply measures Transmission and Reflection in this same time !!!


Short movie about  MAX6  with 8 buttons on  >>>  Youtube 

List of programs working with MAX6   >>  PC & Android

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Pocket size antenna laboratory which allows outdoor measurements 

using its own LCD display and also connection to controlling software 

on PC or Android tablet through USB cable or wireless by Bluetooth.


Two models working up to 180 500 MHz

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Short  information below ....
MAX6 antenna analyzer is not just an ordinary meter for antenna – it’s much more!
 Built-in radio signal meter allows you to work as a wobbuloscope, which significantly increases the range of applications of this instrument.
Additional accessory connector allow connect external options for extend functionality in future applications
In addition to measuring antenna as a typical measure of the VNA, can be measured as:
- Coaxial cable to the antenna phasing
- Band pass filters,
- Diplexer and triplexers – while all ports is terminated with active RF probe ( in preparation as option )
- Quartz filters
- Pi-filter for tube amplifiers
- Voltage balluns (and transoformer)
- Current transformers balluns (choke)
- impedance of current balluns  (choke)
- Impedance and resonances of coils for supply tube power amplifiers
- Traps resonance
… and many other applications ….

MAX6 this is a small laboratory, which allows the measurement of both in stand-alone mode with the LCD screen, as well as work with your computer via USB cable.

In preparation for the service and the ability to Bluettoth measurements with both PCs and tablets as well as phones based on Android system.
MAX6 is compatible with popular programs, andone dedicated to him  “vnaJ” by DL2SBA which can be used in a system with Windows or LINUX or MAC .


Small test & comparision with expensive commercial BIRD Equipment

Dual band antenna 2m 70 cm  - two measurement on two different cable lenght.

Just LCD screen  show SWR plot

short info about buttons and lcd

Remote control for MAX6

simple TRAP measurment

FILTER - Transmission and Reflection measurement in this same time !!!

Antenna mesurement


Ham radio meeting  - SPDX club and MAX6 presentation

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MAX6 Antenna Analyzer